White T-shirt and jeans create simple fashion and beautiful heart


Many people think that the short sleeve T-shirt is not fashionable enough and looks not beautiful enough. But when you see the little sister in the picture, don't you think she is also very beautiful in T-shirt? This T-shirt is really white and transparent, and can't feel anything other than simplicity. It is undoubtedly a kind of self-confidence for a girl who dares to go out in this style. On the whole, although its design is ordinary, it has a very good body-building effect, and the little sister attaches great importance to this kind of self-cultivation effect, so she will choose the shirt style wearing method and put the clothes into the jeans, so as to make the body slimming effect better and show her body advantages easily.

The following collocation is the jeans we mentioned before. The sky blue pattern is very small and fresh. Special tight pants design, directly wearing a tight pants feeling, showing the pants very smooth effect, let sky blue play its due breath, unusual fashion and bright. As the tail of the overall wear and match, the high-heeled black riveted shoes have the tip design, and the rivet part is silver white. However, the high-heeled black riveted shoes are more incongruous in vision. Even this will not affect the whole wearing system. It is enough to see the strength of jeans and prove that wearing jeans is indeed a correct choice.